Listen Up, Mister President.

September 8, 2009 at 6:40 am (Daily Headaches and Rage Inducers, Politics) (, , , , , , , , , , )

Dear Barack Obama,

How dare you, Sir, try and manipulate our children while their in school!  We don’t send our kids off to learn to be community organizers – we send ’em to school so they can get a good education, and grow up to become investment bankers and t.v. reality-stars.

We are deeply offended by the belief that your socialist ways should be forced upon people open to influence, a.k.a. little, small kids!  We’ve watched hours of Fox News and – after Hannity, Beck, and some angry old drunk guy – now know your true intentions to brainwash our sweet, innocent babies.  It is morrally wrong.  Shame on you, Barack Hussein Obama!!

To counter your sinister efforts to convince our kids that hard work will pay off, we intend to allow are children to refuse all homework assignments for at least one week – especially in history.  Take that, you fascist meddling leader you!

School shouldn’t be a place for ideas.  It should be a place to learn facts and math, and other school-type stuff.

Stay out of are business, Sir!


Parents Of The Irrational / Anger Bandwagon


  1. Hillary said,

    Hilarious! I think I’ve peed my pant-suit.

    • jdrourke said,

      For God’s sake, use bleach!

  2. DJ said,

    You should have paid more attention in school. “While their in school”? It’s they’re – not their! “Are children” and “are business”? It’s our – not are! There is only one “r” in morally. You are the reason Obama made that speech.

    • jdrourke said,

      Yeah, something tells me if you look closer you’ll find several misspellings. 😉

  3. Nicholas said,

    DJ, I think you totally missed the point….can’t you see it’s satire?

    • jdrourke said,

      Appreciate it, Nicholas.

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