That’s quite enough, Liberal Media!

September 17, 2009 at 8:46 am (Daily Headaches and Rage Inducers, Politics) (, , , , , , , , , , , , , )

Dear Mainstream Liberal Media,

You bleeding-heart clowns have had your way for so darn long, it is impossible to decipher the truth from your insidious left-leaning-lies!

All you weak-kneed liberals do is attack and misrepresent, distort and re-hash; blurring good facts like a Harvard grad’s eyes after an evening of expensive, elitist beer.

The examples are endless, so here are just a few:

1). You barely even mentioned Bill Clinton’s sexual indiscretions, allowing the 42nd President free reign to pass health-care and to kill bin-Laden.  You then totally ignored Democratic Rep. Anthony Weiner’s love of sending out nudie pics, while constantly hounding Republican Senator David Vitter’s use of tax dollars to bang hookers…

2). You endlessly grilled the Bush / Cheney administration, thereby keeping them from taking the U.S. into a necessary war in Iraq, as well as stopping them from listening to Americans illegally…

3). You totally ignored Republican V.P. candidate Sarah Palin so much that she had to resort to opening a page on The Facebook and The Twitter just to be heard…

4). You’ve completely ignored the critics of our current president (the one from Kenya) and allowed him to re-pass health-care, let white teens get beat-up, and to say anything he darn well wants to without so much as a twitter…

And if these examples didn’t prove our point, you sons-of-guns also have MSNBC and its thousands of viewers…

Someday, when we have the power to be heard, we’ll even the score.  But until then, shame on you, Liberal media.  Shame on YOU…

The Quiet Underdogs,


Rush Limbaugh, Bill “Papa Bear” O’Reilly, Chris Wallace, Ann Coulter, Matt Drudge, Larry Elder, Sean Hannity, Dick Morris, Michelle Malkin, George Will, Ted Nugent, Michael Savage, Laura Ingraham, Laura Schlessinger, Laura Ingalls Wilder*, Glenn Beck, Lou Dobbs, Bill Kristol, Doug McIntyre, Rupert Murdoch, Rupert Pupkin*, Andrew Breitbart, The Wall Street Journal, NewsMax, The Washington Post, The behemoth that is FOX News Corp., and more than 85% of all Talk-Radio Programs…

*Note: We realize Laura Ingalls Wilder is no longer alive, but she was from “middle America.”  We also realize Rupert Pupkin is fictitious, but he seemed like he’d make a good extremist.



  1. Howie said,

    Way to sneak in that McIntyre fella.

  2. Sleeve said,

    Regarding #2. Obama supports extending Patriot Act provisions that are set to expire this year. These provisions include accessing business records, monitoring lone wolf terrorists and conducting those “scary” roving wire taps. The Bush Administration never used them but took lots of abuse for putting them in place. But now that Obama is extending this power specifically, it’s probably fine, right? Sure it is because Bush is evil and Obama is our savior. We won’t hear much about this, although my source is the Associated Press. So this is precisely what the “radical right wingers” are railing about in regards to the media and their bias.

    • jdrourke said,

      Hey Sleeve, thanks for your input. I believe the Obama administration has officially ended the warrantless wire-tapping aspect. Yes, they’re still extending other parts, but not all of them.

    • kamachanda said,

      The Bush Administration never used provisions allowing the accessing of business records? It makes sense, I doubt that GW ever read any business records while he was running companies so why would he as President of the nation.

    • shelbyanne said,

      I am so sick of this kind of nonsense. If you hate the president get out of the country. He was elected by the overwhelming majority and is headed for a huge victory in 2012. Get over it. We don’t want terrorist(s) attacking our president anymore.

  3. Maryscott O'Connor said,

    Free REIN. Not “reign.”

    Just a quibble.

    Carry on.

    • jdrourke said,

      Thank you, Maryscott! (i’ll get this fixed) I am a schmuck…


  4. Ann said,

    Is this post a satire or are you serious? In which case it would be funny.

    The points you make are too ridulous to be taken in earnest.

    I mean:

    3). You totally ignored Republican V.P. candidate Sarah Palin so much that she had to resort to opening a page on The Facebook just to be heard…

    Had the media “ignored” her as much as you claim, she probably wouldn’t have sunk McCain with her incoherent blabbering that showed the world just how little she was prepared for the job she was running.

    4). You’ve completely ignored the critics of our current president (the one from Kenya) and allowed him to re-pass health-care, let white teens get beat-up, and to say anything he darn well wants to without so much as a twitter…

    Our president was born in Hawaii.

    “The Quiet Underdogs”

    You list Glenn Beck, a hysterical shrieking emotionally unbalanced man.
    You list O’Reilly, another screamer with anger management issues.
    Limbaugh, another screaming demagogue.

    Here are five definitions for quiet:

    1. making no noise or sound, esp. no disturbing sound: quiet neighbors.
    2. free, or comparatively free, from noise: a quiet street.
    3. silent: Be quiet!
    4. restrained in speech, manner, etc.; saying little: a quiet person.
    5. free from disturbance or tumult; tranquil; peaceful: a quiet life.

    Maybe “quiet’ means … I don’t know what does it mean in your world?

    • jdrourke said,

      Hey Ann, thanks for playing. No, this is meant to be satire with an extra heavy dose of sarcasm… Calling Glenn Beck “quiet” is like calling Dick Cheney soothing.

    • Michael said,

      WHAT’S THAT?
      YOU CAN’T?
      NO WAY.

      • The FunPie said,

        Are you retarded? Here’s your proof, idiot:

      • Jeff said,

        Whoah buddy. Drink an MGD. Breathe. Put on some COPS. Can you prove it? Do you just like to play devil’s advocate?

      • jdrourke said,

        Hey Jeff, hope you’re well. Nah, the post (like the rest) is deep sarcasm, with a touch of the snarky for good measure. I’m sick of the B.S. phrase “Liberal Media” when the reality is the conservatives have had primary control of the U.S. media since Reagan. I just thought I’d point that out in a snotty, “down-is-up” way. Thanks for checking in.

        P.S., No MGD for me, brother. It’s Guinness, Bass or Whiskey, end of story!

      • Richard Braun said,

        I believe Obama was born in Hawaii. His mother , a rabid communist studying Russian,denounced her american citizenship, so she could marry a Kenyan”Marxist” who actually had a wife sitting home in the hut. So…….I don`t know exactly where that leaves Barry. He was listed as a Kenyan citizen up until his 23rd birthday.

      • Philthee Lib said,

        Still waiting for Donald Trump’s “fact finding” commission, eh?

    • ErnestineBass said,

      Ann, loathe as I am to commit a Bill Frist, even at this distance it’s fairly obvious that you’ve broken your Humorous. I recommend that your doctor hook you up to a Stephen Colbert I.V., STAT, followed up with fifty milligrams of Jon Stewart taken aurally five times a day.

      • jdrourke said,

        Now THAT’S a prescription I can get behind! Well said, Ernestine.

    • dre said,

      i like how liberal media would grill the hell outta bush for every little thing vs make excuse after excuse for obama, in my opinion, they should grill him for going to war, keeping the troops in iraq, keeping guantanamo bay open, ramming a healthcare bill down our throats, not to mention pelosi stating we wont know whats in it till we pass it, (serious?) and so on. i think after this term obama would have improved his golf game 10 fold and michelle a fashion icon. what do you think?

      • jdrourke said,

        Hey Dre,

        Thanks for checking in and sounding off.

        On this one I have to disagree. The media has become pretty tough on President Obama; especially the righ-wing guys. I’m not thrilled by some of Obama’s decisions, but it’s still far better than having McCain/Palin in there acting like nutjobs.

        Anyway, keep reaching out. Peace.


      • Philthee Lib said,

        Yeah. All that grilling still didn’t prevent him from becoming a war criminal and dragging the US into a moral and ethical gutter it will take decades to climb out of – but maybe if they never questioned him at all he would have been better eh? Yeah, that’ll work.

  5. MB said,

    Oh, so your ‘thing’ is you’re crazy. Now, I get your site. To lead your list to the mainstream media with the statement that they ignored the Clinton sexual indiscretions is an out and out lie. C’mon, we practically knew what color drapes Kenneth Starr had in his house, the whole affair was covered so thoroughly. Please.

    • jdrourke said,


      Thanks for playing. Every “letter” on this site is pure sarcasm meant to be both funny and to shine a light on people’s hypocrisy. Of course Clinton’s sex life was overexposed! The truth is the term “Liberal Media” isn’t accurate at all… Read a few more for me, please, and I think you’ll see a pattern of silly satire. I hope so, anyway.

  6. Brandon Detwiler said,

    i dont have anything to say.

  7. JackT said,

    That’s because we’re more intelligent than Republicans. We know what’s news and what’s not. We understand your tactics and your evil ways. We ignore ignorant politicians and racist commentators. Don’t you really wish you guys could come up with a smart, good looking, charming, gracious President like we did? Although, I don’t think they make those kinds of people in the Republican camps. They simply don’t know how.

    • Philthee Lib said,

      I’m afraid that you are asking for the impossible. Mad dogs have taken over the Republican party, smoked out of their caves by the election of a black Democratic President.

  8. seted said,

    thanks for article , JD. From reading some of these posts you would think satire is dead in America. Hey folks, The repubs are the ones who don’t have a sense of humor.

  9. Will.I.Am said,

    #3 – palin’s got plenty of press coverage, enough so that she has to bar them from attending her speeches these days, she has a facebook page so she can say whatever the f*ck she wants

    • jdrourke said,

      You ain’t kidding, my friend. Keep checking in…

  10. Yes We Ku Klux Can! « The FunPie said,

    […] trying to get our America back from the Communist, Socialist, Fascist Hitlers who are using the liberal media to destroy the country.  Today’s patriotic brethren are inspired by books and media too.  […]

  11. Anatole (blissfulmitch) said,

    Well done. You get bookmarked, which is the highest honor I can bestow upon you right now, hah hah!

    • jdrourke said,

      Thanks so much, Anatole! Very happy you’ve jumped into the fray…


  12. judi said,

    What a crock!!!!

  13. DABIGRAGU said,

    Now this is good, thanks I needed that.

  14. Philthee Lib said,

    Love it. One question. After channeling the rightwing for as long as that took to write, how many showers did you need before you felt really clean again?

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