Seriously, Switzerland?

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Dear Switzerland,

So we just finished reading the trades where we saw that the Swiss authorities have detained film director Roman Polanski.  We read that Mr. Polanski could face extradition to America for his conviction of sex with a minor back in 1977.  Well, bravo Switzerland, for single-handedly catching one of the world’s most notorious criminals.  Bra-freaking-vo!

Indeed, the hills are alive…with the sound of hypocrisy!!!

So how did you geniuses conspire to capture the director of Chinatown?  Did you pore through the endless Third Reich papers that your countrymen kept hidden from the world to protect your German brethren?  Were you able to finance your sting operation with the half-billion in looted Nazi gold you squirreled away back during World War Two?

For Switzerland to suddenly become the moral police of the world is as absurd as putting Ahmandinejad in charge of the Museum of Tolerance.  And we ain’t buying it!  Frankly, we see the Swiss going after the famed director of Repulsion and The Pianist as yet another chance for the snooty chocolate and watch-makers to jam up one more Polish Jew – as if they hadn’t done enough over the years…

And speaking of years, you do realize, Der Switzerland, that Polanski is seventy-six, right?  The funny thing here is that you’re helping bring him to justice for a sex-crime at an age when he’s too old for sex!  Sure, we all agree sex with a minor is illegal for a reason, but how come your country isn’t being extradited to Israel for crimes against humanity?  At the very least, your citizens should be forced to watch Pirates or The Ninth Gate!

We’re keeping an eye on you, Switz, you can count on that.  You, your secretive banks, and your shady hot-coco companies.  And if we ever do green-light a sequel to Heidi, we’re making it in New Zealand.

You Stink,


Cranky Jews Everywhere



  1. Howie said,

    I’d smile at your post but the Swiss have all my gold teeth.

  2. EdSki said,

    Are you kidding? This piece of filth drugged and sodomized a 13 year old girl, and you think that’s just fine because you like his movies? I think you’ve just canceled your humanity.

    I’m guessing you don’t have a teen age daughter, which is good, because it signals your genes won’t be passed on.

    No decent person could look at this case and not be reviled.

    • jdrourke said,

      Hey EdSki (*and the rest of the clearly fired up people who have written),

      Thanks for the passionate (though weirdly personal) comment.

      First off, any one who actually knows me would tell you that I see red any time I see a kid in jeopardy of any kind. If my child were hurt by some scumbag, I’d eat a dozen Twinkies, take my 9 mm and put the douche down like a sick animal…

      I think we can all agree what Roman Polanski did was wrong and horrific.

      But you’re letting your anger cloud the point of this silly letter from the Irritated Jews to Switzerland. Switzerland has a history of some truly terrible crimes against people; including turning away tens-of-thousands of Jews (including their children) who then were taken away by the Nazis.

      For decades, the wealthy folk of the world have been able to hide their fortunes with the Swiss (for a price) from taxation, regardless of how they earned that money; much of which was earned illegally or through immoral means. Basically, the Swiss ought to clean up their own act before they start chasing after others.

      Again, that doesn’t excuse Polanski (truth is, he should be punished for his awful actions), but it is the point of JD Rourke’s latest post.

      Take care…

  3. anonymous said,

    This Jew thinks you’re a morally vacant idiot.

  4. ann said,

    Look the other countries he has spent time in are part of the EU. They couldn’t extradite him because he is protected from extradition being a French citizen and therefore the same rules apply. Switzerland is independent of all of that.

    Sound like you need to leave your personal issues out of this.

  5. napoleon said,

    Roman Polanski drugged and anally raped a child.

  6. Howie said,

    I was thinking about canceling my humanity, too, but every time I do they offer me an awesome deal to renew the subscription. I mean, come on, who in their right mind could ever pass up a commemorative Lakers tea cozy and miniature jersey from their favorite hockey team???

  7. Chelsea G. said,

    Bizarre stuff. I love it! Keep it going.

  8. jnik said,

    Polanski is not too old for sex! Put him in prison and see!

    • jdrourke said,

      Ooph, ouch! Great comment. Well played…

  9. swiss guy said,

    I like what you write and your website and I totally agree with what you write about swiss banks and all the wrongdoings of switzerland, but on the polanski issue you are sadly wrong. swiss authorities are simply responding to request from the U.S. and I think the problem began in 1977, when the american law system failed to punish polanski for what he did!

    cheers from the choco-secretaccount-cheesy-switzerland!

    • jdrourke said,

      I totally appreciate the comments, Swiss Guy. Keep checking in…

  10. Tony Kondaks said,

    Why did you sign off “Cranky Jews Everywhere”?

    1) Are you suggesting that Polanski is Jewish and that, therefore, Jews everywhere are empathizing with him and are therefore cranky/angry at his treatment by Switzerland? If so, I don’t understand because Polanski is not Jewish. Indeed, there is more law and tradition to say that Barack Obama is Moslem than to say that Polanski is Jewish. In order for Polanski to be Jewish his mother’s mother would have to be Jewish or he would have had to convert at some point in his life to Judaism, both of which is not the case. Indeed, he was brought up Catholic by Catholic relatives. However, if you are insisting that he is Jewish because some part of his parentage is Jewish and that therefore makes him Jewish you would have to also join those nutcases who claim that Barack Obama is Moslem because his father is Moslem and, according to the law of most if not all Moslem countries that makes Obama automatically Moslem. Please explain.

    2) Are you suggesting that because “Jews everywhere” share Polanski’s tragic past in which parents/relatives were killed in the holocaust that they are angry and cranky about Polanski’s arrest? If so, I believe you insult those very Jews whom you purport to represent by such a statement. Many Jews suffered just as Polanski did…many even worse. Yet not a whole lot of them decided to drug, sodomize, and rape a 13 year old girl.

    So please, Sir/Madam, explain to me why you would bring “Cranky Jews Everywhere” into this discussion because I have absolutely no idea what it means.

    • jdrourke said,

      Hey Tony,

      Polanski’s father was a Polish Jew and Polanski’s granfather (on his mom’s side) was a non-observing Jew. Ultimately, this doesn’t matter. This letter from Cranky Jews Everywhere is intended to make people laugh AND shake their heads. For a country like Switzerland to seek out Polanski for his crimes; well this is a bit hypocritical considering how many horrific things the Swiss Govt did to Jews during (and since) WWII. This letter is meant to point out the hypocrisy.

      Thanks for playing, brother. Be well.


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