Dear Tila Tequila,

January 8, 2010 at 6:08 am (Entertainers / Entertainment) (, , , , , , , , , )

Dear Tila Tequila,

We r sorry 4 yur recnt loss but when mourning a lovd 1, its best 2 show respct & not mourn via tweets.

Keep yur life privte.  U dont want 2 b 2 tacky.



Ashton / Demi


  1. Cherie said,

    If they look like whores act like whores…and giving the finger..yup must be …

  2. Cherie said,

    Better to be Pissed off than ON!

  3. Howie said,

    Y dew u hayt teknahlahgee?

  4. Janet said,

    Tila is cheap human garbage. She should consider joining her fiance.

  5. Denise said,

    Wow, that’s cold. She’s a skank, but it’s not like she’s Glenn f”ing Beck or anything…….

  6. Denise said,

    That was meant to be @Janet, not the original post.

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