Dear Rudy Giuliani, Dana Perino, & Sean Hannity – a.k.a. The Selective 9/11 Memory Crew,

January 12, 2010 at 7:09 pm (Daily Headaches and Rage Inducers, Politics) (, , , , , , , , , )

Hiya Dana, Sean, and Rudy,

George Bush here.  I been seeing on the TV that you keep sayin how there weren’t no terror attacks while Cheney and me was President.  That 9/11 didn’t happen while we were hanging out in the White House with Barney.

Listen, I need you three to do me a favor and stop sayin crazy stuff like that.  The whole reason Turd Blossom, Big Dick, and me got to send lotsa soldiers into the I-raq was cause of 9/11.  If we didn’t git to play up the whole fear aspect of anotha’ terra attack like 9/11, then we never coulda suckered them dumb congress-folk into lisnen to us.  I don’t wanna git into trouble ’bout this stuff, okay?

Rudy G, you ‘specially should appreciate the value of using 9/11 to git stuff done and make lotsa money.

Now I don’t care if ya’all wanna lie to Americans and disrespect the fine memories of the folks who got killed, but stop talking about the part concerning 9/11 and it not happenin while Dick and me were the President.

If you wanna say President Obama has big ears, hates white-folk, or is soft on hauling brush, that’s totally acceptable.  You can even say that on MSNBC if ya want.  Just lay off the 9/11 talk!

I appreciate it.  Now, how ’bout them Cowboys?!  Gittin better, aren’t they?

– Signed,




  1. Robert Paulsen said,


    Technically, I wasn’t in the country on 9/11. I was under the country in my bunker.


    • jdrourke said,

      Well done, Mr. P. Well done…

    • Denise said,

      Uh-oh, Robert Paulson……….don’t talk about Dick Cheney’s fight club.

  2. Dr Dawson said,

    Even though the Bush administration doubled the debt from $5 trillion (Accumulated since 1791) to $10 trillion within 8 years, he did manage to keep this country safe from another Islamic terrorist attack. Obama has added 4 times more in 8 months. What better way to destroy the Constitution is to elect a far left wing Marxist Professor of Constitutional Law as our President. So far, he has said point blank at his speeches, REDISTIBUTION OF WEALTH, and WE ARE JUST 5 DAYS AWAY FROM CHANGING THE FUNDAMENTALS OF AMERICA. What are those fundametals? Do you know? He is playing on the Americans ignorance of Constitutional Law and governmental process and if anyone would of known the Constitution and politics, they would of questioned the President. If the media would of pushed his two books he wrote, he would of never made Presidency. It says in his own words exactly what direcion he wants to take this country Liberals have hindered our National Security and our energy independence. Liberals stand for everything this country and her patriots stand against. Democrats have what it takes and take what you have. Osama swore under oath that he would preserve, defend, and protect the Constitution from enemies foriegn and domestic. He has to defend it from himself. If these so-called Health Care, Crap-n-Tax Bills passes with all the illegal and unConstitutional actions of the politicians and the President, they all, Repubelicans and Demoncrats, should be tried for TREASON.Liberals can’t dispute the truth. So the only thing they can do is insult with no basis or counterpoint. If they can only get off the partician boat and see the bigger picture and remember who we are. Knowing who we are is the key to preserving the freedoms and liberties we have left. We are Americans! Born in the Land of the Free. The geatest country the world has ever known. Let’s give President Osama some credit. He did act faster on the Haiti disaster than Bush did with Katrina disaster. If only Osama acted just as fast with our soldiers in Afganistan.

    • jdrourke said,

      Hey Dawson,

      Thanks for checking in.

      Kool-Aid is tasty, isn’t it? Especially when you like the flavor.

      I’m hoping you’ll consider the facts when making arguments. Facts are stubborn things: no matter how much people want to twist them, facts simply remain true.

      9/11 happened nearly 9 months into Bush’s first term, which means it happened on his watch. There is no other version of this event.

      Obama hasn’t delayed action in Afghanistan, he took about ten months to make decisions based on the 8 years of mismanagement by Cheney, Bush, Rumsfeld, and Rove. Cheney himself said that Afghanistan was no longer a priority while he was still in office. This is a fact.

      I’d also watch your step when calling the President of the United States (which you’re claiming to be a patriot to) Osama. You disrespect thousands of fellow Americans who died in part due to the actions of that douchebag bin Laden.

      What you ought to do is take some of that energy you clearly have and donate to a U.S. Veteran’s organization, or go help build a home (Habitat for Humanity) somewhere down in the Gulf-ravaged region of Louisiana.

      Words never made anyone a true patriot, but positive actions for the betterment of the country certainly have…

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