MEMO to MSNBC Producers,

October 14, 2010 at 1:55 am (Entertainers / Entertainment, Politics) (, , , , , , , , )


Attn: MSNBC Management / Producers

Does the “MS” in MSNBC stand for Major Schmucks?  Because that’s who has to be in charge of your programming decisions!  It’s bad enough that you guys totally blow off actual news on weekends to fill your air-time with morbid specials on prison life, dead celebrities, incestuous kittens, and unsolved murder-mysteries from the heartland, but to completely miss the boat on what was finally some good news in this ever-darkening world we all inhabit is completely pathetic!

Those 33 Chilean miners had been entombed beneath the surface since Coal Miner’s Daughter was in movie theatres, and just as they’re finally rescuing the last lucky bastard, you idiots don’t cut to it live?  Look, we love Rachel Maddow, and even think Olbermann sports nice eye-wear, but for them to not immediately switch to the final rescue as it’s unfolding is fairly ridiculous.  Can we not get some happy endings from you guys?!

Even the lying tards over at Fox *News were covering the San Jose Mine live!  Sean-fucking-Hannity wisely deferred to the story, and not just so he could do more push-ups before being back on-camera.

You so-called producers could learn a thing or two from one of your competitors.  No, not CNN (although even they covered the final miner’s safe return), but that other cable channel that beats your ass every quarter like a red-headed step-network.  Seriously, pay better attention to a couple of things that don’t have to do with politics!  Like good news.

We’re exhausted with the polls, greed, lies, and kittens, and we need the occasional feel-good story, gawd-dammit – even if it comes from another nation!

Let Down and Cranky,


Desperate Viewers in Need of Warm Fuzzies and Rainbows



  1. Ania said,

    Yes! YES!!! to every single word.* Even CNN for a critical while relegated news from the mine to a lower-lefthand-corner box while covering Wolf’s duh-bate. Who would’ve thought we’d be turning to F*x for our feel-good fix???

    *except for the “incestuous kittens” remark. Now I’ve had to block MSNBC on the remote, because the cats keep clicking to that channel looking for more IK news. Careful what you say, JD, that curious ears might read…

  2. Wood Chuck said,

    Funny post, JD. I’ve always wondered why msnbc changed format on weekends too. Seems like a sure way to kill your audience.

  3. Texan by birth 77 said,

    Why are you bagging on Fox? Least they got it right, which is usually how it goes.

    • Denise said,

      Fox gets it Right, but they rarely get it RIGHT. Apples and oranges, my man, apples and oranges.

      • jdrourke said,

        What D. said…

  4. Hercules40 said,

    Spot on, on every word!

  5. ProgLib said,

    I agree… MSNBC does great news coverage (as they did all night long for the miner rescue), but they fall fairly short when they are most needed. Instead, they cater to Keith Olbermann’s show because they don’t want to miss out on the ratings his show gets. As an MSNBC fan, I’m very disappointed by that.

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