MEMO to the Rhetoric Elite:

January 12, 2011 at 12:25 am (Daily Headaches and Rage Inducers, Politics) ()


Attn: Glenn Beck, Michelle Malkin, Sean Hannity, Ann Coulter, Michael Savage, Sarah Palin, Bill O’Reilly, Laura Ingraham, Michele Bachmann, and Rush Limbaugh:

Congrats & Kudos to the Ten of You!  In wake of the tragic shootings in Tucson, AZ, you mouthpieces have immortalized yourselves forever in the Hateful Rhetoric Hall of Fame! You have proven to be the elite among your peers – the very best at the spewing of bile, lies and defamations.

The ten of you have gotten filthy rich by lying and twisting the truth and inciting impressionable people with your exaggerations and endless bombast!  Bravo!  And as you’ve endlessly lied to your viewers and helped shape their ideals, you’ve complained the entire time how sick you are of the Liberal Media committing “hits” and “hatchet jobs” on the facts; all the while pushing the facts underneath your fancy, new rugs that are underneath your fancy, new furniture within your fancy, new homes in Florida, California, New York, Alaska, and Connecticut.  Best part is – as you rip the coasts and praise “Middle America,” none of you live there in the heartland full time.  It’s simply brilliant!!

Equally amazing is the way All Ten of You went on television or the radio and blamed both Liberals and President Obama for the terrible shooting rampage back in the winter of ’09 at Fort Hood.  You all used words like “terrorist” to describe the brown-skinned man Nidal Hasan and how this hateful act was because of the “liberal agenda ruining our country.”  During this time, a few of you even reminded us of how similar President Obama and Adolf Hitler are.  Their similarities are uncanny, minus the different mindsets and skin color.

And yet here we are with a white boy who looks like a day-player from American History X (whom you each have described as a lone nut or wacko, but never called him a terrorist), and because you’ve been using gun-sights on public charts to target liberal political figures at the ballot boxes and using terms like “reload” and phrases like “I want my country back” you’re immediately able to try to spin the blame away from your awesomely unending hate-speech and proclaim (again) that the Tucson shooter is the fault of the liberals.  You Ten truly are The Best!!

I wanted to send each of you a big, cash award and plaque for your awesomeness, but since the Bush years our budget has shrunk annually.   I’m sure you understand.

Just know that you’re the best, and that as inciters and liars go – You Are The Elite of the elite.  And through your tireless efforts, my good name is always out there, too – being invoked.

With much appreciation and deep sincerity,



Post Script ~ Also wanted to give y’all a “shout out” over minimizing President Obama’s decision-making when it came to whacking bin Laden.  It further confirmed just how totally committed you all really are to keeping partisanship over patriotism.

Beautifully done!



  1. Ladyblug said,

    Thanks for putting some of my same feelings into words.

  2. bliss_infinite said,

    Well said, sir. Well said.

  3. PamB said,

    Bravo, JD. Thanks for once again shining a light on the hypocritical rhetoric that permeates our political landscape. Words can be used to inspire or incite and there is a fine line between the two…rather like the fine line between love and hate. Sadly, until all of us learn that words have consequences, hate and fear inspired/incited violence will continue to exist among us.

    • jdrourke said,

      My pleasure, Pam. Thanks for speaking up – your words here are perfect!

  4. Kimbutgar said,

    Great post. Words spoken with truth.

  5. HarrisburgHarris said,

    Glenn beck alone has called President Obama a liar, a marxist, a racist, and has compared him to that world-class piece of crap Hitler.

    Then Beck claims to be a man of peace.

    Yeah, right. And shit rolls uphill, Glenda.

    • jdrourke said,

      Hey Harris,

      Yeah, Beck has said a LOT of ugly things about President obama, yet was weirdly supportive of Bush and Cheney. I guess what I’m saying is, Beck’s a jackass…

  6. Margi said,

    You are GREAT! Thanks for making me laugh tonight….I needed it. You are now bookmarked – right under “Sorry I missed your party”.
    If your ever in Pittsburgh, email me and we can have a beer!

    • jdrourke said,

      Thank you very much for the cool words – am glad to have you along! And I would love to grab a beer or two!

  7. Americaneye4 said,

    Seems like the majority of talk radio is filled with this kind of anti-liberal hateful rhetoric as well. And for all these editorialists to immediately act as though they’re the victims is pretty hateful in itself. While I didn’t vote for Obama, I did appreciate his words at the Tucson memorial and know his heart was in what was written. Seems like a good time for all to think a little more before they speak.

  8. jackson said,

    I am only a messenger. Please take note that the rhetoric that you filled this post with is the same as you seem to be complaining about. It is difficult for me to see the difference in the Rights’ hateful rhetoric and yours. Could this be a classic case of the pot calling the kettle black? While I agree that all this stuff is borish and insane, and has no place in our discourse, I have to ask myself “what’s the difference in this post and what the right wing zealots are doing and saying? Please don’t get me wrong. I feel the same way about EVERYBODY who would stoop so low as to try to stir-up so much hatred, but let’s face it, you are doing the same thing that you are pointing out about them. Is this the way we solve our civility problems with each other? By seeing how much of a bigger jerk we can be, compared to them? I hope not. ALL this nonsense has to stop – from both sides! Please!

    • jdrourke said,

      Hey Jackson, Thanks for sounding off. Whether it is in favor of or against the “letters” we write, that’s always welcome.

      Have to disagree that what is done here is the same as what is often done in the world of Fox *News and talk-radio. Here’s the difference: facts and satire. This site is satirical and while we do mean to be funny more often than not, we are simply calling people on their hypocrisy or general silliness.

      Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity (and their ilk) are paid big bucks to purposely misinform the viewing public ablout what our political leaders do and don’t do. For instance, Glenn Beck goes on his show and on Fox and Friends and says President Obama is a Marxist and a racist. Beck is pushing these statements of opinion as facts, yet there is no evdience to back them up.

      So we come along and call Glenn Beck a douche, but we actually do have the evidence to back that up….

      • jackson said,

        jd–i get what you are saying and I understand the satire. I really like reading your letters and will continue to do so. Please don’t misunderstand my meaning when I say that we all need to cut back on the rhetoric. Sometimes I feel like letting my freak flag fly too! Believe me when I tell ya that I have not always been the perfect example of virtue myself! My feeble attempt at trying to suggest civility from the right wing looneys is simply a search for an answer that seems to elude us all in our daily quest for answers that will be meaningful in molding our future discourse. I, like many others, am at my wits end trying to understand the best course of action to put us all back on the road to reality. Keep up your wonderful work at stimulating our minds so that we may continue to look for answers. Thanx for your reply to my post.

    • Bob Anderson said,

      This is the same false equilavency we see and hear all the time. To read the comments here, the venting, you have to join and persue it. To hear the hate filled right wing rhetoric, all you need do is flip the channels or turn the radio dial. It is almost impossible to escape this BS if you walk down the streeet past and open door or window. The outlets for the spewing of this propaganda are myriad, but if we commment we are guilty as all get out of doing what we are complaining about. The consolidation of the media outlets into a few corporate hands is the root problem and I hope the internet will begin to level this palying field.

      • HeckiDanjo said,

        “I hope the internet will begin to level this playing field.”

        The problem with this is only what are called the super literate can make use of the internet as a reliable source of information.

        Yeah googleing is great, but that has no value if you don’t word things right.

        On the plus side, both sides of the argument is in their entirety online and accessible, makes for interesting finds.

      • dare_to_be_educated said,

        I so agree with you.

        There are precious few news outlets that present fair, balanced and truthful reporting.

        News outlets’ profits (papers, TV, radio) are made selling ads.

        These expensive ads are bought mostly by corporations who have mucho ‘money’.

        ‘Money’ gets to say what is delivered in the ad (truthful or not) and, that news outlet rarely quibbles about the truth with the ‘money’, because, they want the money!!!

        So, fair and balanced reporting? Depends on ‘money’s’ views.

        I think the internet will afford those fair and balanced news outlets, who are not beholden to the corporations ‘money’, a place to excel.

        I’ll certainly support newsworthy sources – guess I’d best get my Mother Earth and PBS subscription paid!

  9. Christina said,

    “And yet here we are with a white boy who looks like a day-player from American History X.”

    After reading this line, it became win for me. :Ty 🙂

  10. Richard said,

    Don’t you just love it when the pandering, ratings-thirsty mainstream media all come out and say, “both sides need to tone it down?” yet they ignore the insanity that the right-wing has been regurgitating to their gun-obsessed audiences and viewers, knowing full well that all it takes is one lone wolf ala Timothy McVeigh to “take out” a Democratic Party candidate or elected congresswoman like Gabrielle Giffords.

    But, the msm continue to blare out their self-moralizing message that they are absolved of all that happened in Tucson while putting the full spotlight and cameras on gun-toting Tea Partyers strutting around town hall meetings brandishing their Glocks, Berettas and Smith & Wessons, waving their Gadsden flags shouting their vitriol at Barack Obama, “He’s a Nazi, Communist, Marxist-Socialist, not an American citizen, Kill him, He wants the terrorists to win and on and on.

    Yet, after watching the pathetic tableau of Sunday morning political talk shows and panelists pontificating over some crazy guy that killed 6 people, one a 9–year-old child, you would think they all stand aloof from it all.

    No, no, no! They aided, abetted and promoted the violence and they are accomplices to the deranged Jerod Loughner who took his Glock to the congresswoman’s meet-up and emptied his 30-shell clip into the crowd.

    There is no equivalency to the Republican/Tea Party well-honed hate machine and the violent message they have been spreading for the last two years leading up to the November election. They won and they won big time on Fear and Threats.

    They will do it again and again. Why? The media have given us that answer. They told everyone that it was not the fault of guns. It was the fault of the mental health system.

    Time Magazine writer John Cloud expounds in his story, A Mind Unhinged, in the January 24 issue, “But did political rhetoric push him [Loughner] over the edge? Psychological research shows that’s unlikely.”

    Is that enough to make you vomit or what?

  11. nycgirlupstate said,

    Hahahaha!! That was great!

  12. dare_to_be_educated said,

    HeckiDanjo said,
    January 27, 2011 at 9:54 pm
    “I hope the internet will begin to level this playing field.”

    The problem with this is only what are called the super literate can make use of the internet as a reliable source of information.
    Yeah googleing is great, but that has no value if you don’t word things right.
    On the plus side, both sides of the argument is in their entirety online and accessible, makes for interesting finds.”

    Dear HeckiDanjo,

    One does not have to be super literate to “…make use of the internet as a reliable source of information…”.

    You sound like a very intelligent person who wants to understand both sides of a question/issue, and, I sense frustration, I think, about how to know what sources are reliable and truthful.

    My 1st litmus test, as to whether I will consider any information, are sources.

    Does the story identify the sources used?

    No sources, information is taken with a grain of salt.

    So important are identified sources (and, I do check out those sources) that without them, the information should be considered suspicious.

    I have researched to find, what I consider, to be reliable and factual sources.

    Here is my list of sources I use: US News and World Report, Scientific American,, Fact Checker (, Political Wire, Media Matters for America, Rachel Maddow, PBS, Nova, and There are more but I feel these are the most important.

    No one has time to be an authority on everything and some things are extremely hard to grasp. So, we need reliable authorities to help us understand if the information is true or not. Hence, my list above.

    Much good luck to you in your pursuit of truth.

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