Dear Scientologists,

January 17, 2011 at 6:46 pm (Entertainers / Entertainment, Religion and other silliness) (, , , , , )

Dear Scientologists,

You’re shitting us, right?!






  1. BleakFrancis said,

    Oh wow! Brutal dude.

  2. edgar said,

    I almost threw up from laughing when I read this!!!! Big thanks.

  3. St. Tracy said,


  4. John Travolta* said,

    You stupid, STUPID Mor(m)ons – aren’t you just so HIP, with your Proposition #8 bellyachin’, & that currently popular ‘Big Love’ cable propaganda being spread through the airwaves (and your airheads) to admiring, drooling couch potatoes who don’t bother working or paying rent but GOTSTA’ HAVE THEIR CABLE.

    At least WE committed Scientologisticians don’t throw out all our ‘weirdo passes’ in one big giveaway TV show like the ‘Big Love’ trash – and NOT because we’re hesitant to share our beliefs – but we’ll do it in our own fashion and sweet casual time, ’cause we got our own personal PLANETS waitin’ on our smug asses – you think Tom Cruise hasn’t been aware of that for decades?! Fucker’s smarter than he gets credit for.

    Now ME: I’m taking some friends on a plane ride tomorrow, ’cause it’s MY plane, I fly it, I’m rich, my wife is taking care of our newborn and I need to hang with some guys again- and that’s all you’re gettin’ from me, understand?

    You dumbass Mormons keep spreading your ‘gospel’ – in the meantime, WE’LL keep our narcissistic intentions hidden until the time is right to make this an actual Battlefield of Earth that WE will win!

    Sorry, jd, did i go overboard tonight?? Edit as you see fit.

  5. sam said,

    Excellent stuff. Thanks so very much, oh sane citizens, for telling it like it is. Your website should be required reading for anyone at all concerned about the plight of America in the 21st century.

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