What’s the Deal, Union Bashers?

February 17, 2011 at 5:46 am (Daily Headaches and Rage Inducers, Politics) (, , , , , , , , )

Dear Union Haters,

How exactly does this work; can you explain it, please?  You union haters are all for Americans pursuing life, liberty, and happiness – also sometimes known as The American Dream – but you whiny critics take issue with people going after these wonderful things via a “group effort.”

Last time we checked, when Wall Street “got drunk” (well said, W, you tool), you guys didn’t demand it be taken apart.  And to this day, dozens of U.S. corporations continue to do business with Communist countries like China and douchy leaders like Gaddafi; all in the name of keeping their profits high and their products cheap.  But you ass-clowns aren’t ranting and bitching that those companies be dismantled.

You dumb-asses understand that Unions Are The Reason we have 8 hour work days, and not 12 to 18 hours a day like before, right?  You understand that we get Labor Day off because Unions Are The Ones who created the holiday, right?

So what gives, union haters?  What’s with your absolute lack of sense and logic when it comes to attempting to paint unions as The Great Evil within America’s borders?  That mantle already belongs to Corporations who avoid paying their taxes…

Not stupid,


Capitalism & Hypocrisy


  1. Circle City News said,

    Yes, you said it!

  2. Robert Paulsen said,

    Dear Capitalism and Hypocrisy,

    Stop picking on the Union Haters. We created them to better service you two! You wanna know how we did it? We sold the fools a bill of goods from a fairy tale invented by one of our best propaganda artists named Horatio Alger. He sold all these nitwits on the ridiculous notion that we accumulated all our wealth through hard work instead of theft, graft and corruption! Can you believe that shit? And here’s the best part: we convinced them that THEY could do this themselves if they only pull themselves up by their own bootstraps! THAT’S why this pack of useful idiots hates unions – they’re actually stupid enough to think that looking after the interests of your own class the way we do PREVENTS you from living a better life!

    So please, pipe down! Leave these fools to the delusion that if it wasn’t for unions, they would be just as rich as we are.

    Yours for maximizing profits,

    Bankers, CEOs and other assorted Oligarchs

  3. bliss_infinite said,

    +1 to all the folks in Wisconsin right now!

    • jdrourke said,

      In 100% agreement! Stay strong peeps!

      And feel free to “reach out” to Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker at (608) 266-1212 and let him know how he’s treating fair-minded Americans who simply want their slice of the American Dream.

      • kraki said,

        Did the unions have to give up this golf course? Missed it if they did…..


      • jdrourke said,

        Probably not the best place to get your news (Fox), if you’re interested in getting the truth.

        ‘Sides, people in unions have as much right to play golf as anyone.

  4. Scott C. said,

    The GOP and its mouthpieces at Fox news, Red State, and every other right-wing rag are against the unions because the union is pretty much all that stands in the way between the corporate heads making even greater profits and the middle class become low-income across the board.

  5. ProudBadger said,

    Our esteemed Governor is interested in two things. Breaking up the unions and trading favors with his corporate interests.

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