To Those Actively Destroying the Middle Class,

March 10, 2011 at 10:50 pm (Daily Headaches and Rage Inducers, Politics) (, , , , , , , , , )

Dear Corporate Elitists and Their Conservative Errand Boys,

We see that the wealthy in America are getting wealthier, and the poorer are having some new friends move into their dilapidated neighborhoods: some folks known as the Middle Class.

Congratulations on widening that chasm between those who have and those who have not.

Whatever could possibly go wrong …?



Mexico y Russia


  1. St. Tracy said,

    Y tu mama tambien!!

  2. Zissou's Aquatics said,

    These greedy fuckers can kiss their long term plans goodbye! Scott Walker and his bosses Chuck and David Koch have just galvanized every union member in this country to stand up for thier rights. Cannot wait to watch Republicans bite the bullet in 2012.

  3. Tony Maxwell said,

    “some folks known as the Middle Class.”

    Oh, that’s absolutely precious! I haven’t heard that in so long, I thought it was one of those passe’ terms that proper society no longer used, a chestnut from the old days, archaic descriptions of isolated, forgotten groups or individuals, like a ‘Native American Indian’, or an ‘Original island-born Samoan Hawaiian Prince, or were taught from a very young age about imaginary, exotic species; bizarre, weird, YET NOT beyond unimaginable for the young and absorbent mind. iceberg-dwelling ‘Eskimos’ from a faraway, hidden place; mythical ‘White Supermacist’ and ‘Nazi Sympathizer’ extremists who use Internet technology to make their ‘armies’ seem larger in numbers; and universal, make-believe tales of ‘Angry Young Black Men’, or some formidable ‘Arian Nation’ ; silly, outdated labels such as ‘Hippie’ or ‘silent majority’, or ‘Compassionate Conservative’ and ‘The Common Man’ (??); not to mention quaint, nostalgic late 19th- early 20th-Century workers and actual, real-people jobs and public-service occupations of the era, from the classic ‘Cowboy’ and on to ordinary ‘Milkman Delivery’, ‘Gas / Service Station / Elevator / Men’s Room Attendant’, ‘Local Pharmacist / Grocery Owner’, ‘Neighborhood Babysitter’, ‘Family- or ‘House-Call Doctor’, or ‘backyard mechanic’..

    The “Middle Class,” like every other extinct entity, entire races, cultures, religions: all are now becoming just like all those rusty old terms listed above, which is what the select and Privileged Right have wanted and fought for in all recorded history, and once the Middle Class is eliminated, they will have no more enemies to contradict, and their purpose will have been served- a triumphant, glorious Armaggedon that the old, bitter and nearly-dead will orchestrate to take ALL of us to our doom. They laugh at how the rest of us question their very sanity in opposing any and every single idea or policy their opponent has, down to the most basic and fundamentally logical ones conceivable –

    I hate to be a downer, but I think the truly evil and most insanely profitable ‘Elite’ know EXACTLY where we’re going, and it don’t look good from my POV..

  4. Ken said,

    While stating publicly their love of this country, the elites would have fought on the side of the British in the Revolutionary War.

    • jdrourke said,

      If the Chinese invaded today, Repubs and the mouthpieces at Fox *News would happily be speaking Mandarin by nightfall. Glad to have you on board and sounding off…

      • Lou said,

        I love what you guys are doing in Wisconsin and I am so proud to be American that fight back with passion. I know we can win this and any other bills that the Republicans has stolen from us. They will give us back every dime that have stolen from the middle class. My question to the millionaires and billionaires how much is enough before you die and go to hell? You will not take a dime with you and have time to spent it in Hell!! We will all rejoice in 2012 and get back to the basic of been American people who stick together and help each other no matter what. We are a nation of all kinds of Christians but most of all we love God and he will be the one to take us through this. If you didn’t know God before you will know him by the time the Republican/Tea baggier get finish.

  5. Tony Maxwell said,

    I extend apologies to jdrourke and similarly pissed-off readers/commenters like Ken and virtually everyone else who actually knows when to STOP TYPING before going off on long-winded, exhaustive and redundant tangents that ones such as myself never seem able or willing to finish, resulting in wearing down and boring even the most patient of readers.

    When starting that hideous screed above, at approx 1am this morning, I had intended on just leaving a few sarcastic comments and moving on to relax with some Netflix viewing before calling it a night; by 6:30am I STILL hadn’t stopped, but clicked ‘post comment’ anyway and stumbled off to bed. It seems I am incapable of self-editing, and everyone else has to suffer because of it. I’m grateful for the forum nonetheless.

    I was naive enough to think our country would begin to work together on restoring the incomprehensible damage the previous administration had created and left behind for this nation, but now we can all see just how wrong I was and how the ‘right’ is more determined than ever to achieve a political genocide on our democracy, and if they’re so desperate to cut off their noses to spite their own collectively hypocritical face, then really, how do we even begin to restore sanity and common sense to those who have been conditioned to despise such notions?

    Anyway, I’ll leave this subject alone for now and just continue to pray for some kind of answer that, like the Middle Class itself, may not even exist.

    Don’t forget to set your clocks ahead this weekend; wouldn’t want to be late to the ‘end-time party’, y’know.

  6. Richard said,

    You losers are so clueless.

    Did you ever stop to think that those who make a lot of money might actually have a skill that someone is willing to pay them for. It doesn’t matter if you are a good shortstop, musician, plumber, doctor, lawyer or corporate executive you can make a good living if you do it well. Instead of the sopohmore in the White House encouraging his followers to learn a skill in order to make money he tells them they can’t get ahead because of the Republicans and George Bush. It is really pathetic to see the dumbing down of America.

    I don’t understand the war being waged against corporations and ask a simple question. Is Detroit better off when the car companies are doing well and making money or when they are losing money. The obvious answer is things are better in general in a community when business is doing well. It is true of the real estate business in Florida, farming in the Midwest or movie making in California. When business is good everyone benefits. Why are the Democrats so anti business? The politicians should be creating an environment for business to prosper but instead they prefer to punish success by confiscating money through taxes and imposing red tape that makes success more difficult.

    Concerning social issues – why can’t adults act like adults and take the responsibilities of adults like taking care of their families and being good citizens? Why should other citizens have their hard earned money taken from them by the government and given to another citizen who probably doesn’t have one of the skills mentioned above or is too lazy or incompetent to earn a decent living.

    Concerning a large and intrusive government – where in the world is there a good example of a government that controls most of every day life and takes good care of its people? The more the government controls life the worse off the people are. Take North Korea or Syria as examples. Those governments have near total control and the populations are dirt poor and ignorant. Countries that are free and encourage free enterprise have the highest standards of living and the people enjoy personal freedom.

    • jdrourke said,

      Name calling. Always a weak-kneed way to start.

      There is nothing wrong with business in America when those businesses play by the rules and those running the businesses don’t lie, cheat, and steal from average hard-working Americans.

      What has been allowed for the past 30 years – starting under Reagan – with our brokerage firms, our banks, and Wall Street is criminal; and there is endless proof to back up these criminal acts.

      If you love America, then you don’t want to see the Middle Class eroded. If you only love money, then get a one-way ticket to Dubai.

  7. Richard said,

    As I said earlier, adults need to act like adults and take responsibility for their own lives rather than depending on the government to protect them from unscrupulous individuals. Many people who end up being cheated think they are getting a good deal (often a deal too good to be true) and they end up the suckers. Not much has changed since P. T. Barnum said “A sucker is born every minute.”

    Somehow the idea has gotten out there that anyone successful in business has done so by cheating or stealing from someone else. This idea is often supported in movies and on TV. My experience has been the opposite in that successful people studied hard, work hard and are very responsible. Most business people are far more honest than many of our politicians and union leaders.

    Sure we need to prosecute those who committ fraud and steal from their clients but being over zealous in going after those who may have simply made a bad business decision is not good policy. There are risks in every business venture and if people are not willing to take risk to be successful then our economy wil really suffer. If we let the government chip away at our freedom and destroy the incentive to create wealth, we might as well move to Dubai.

    I have a true love for this country and am amazed at how thoughtful and brilliant the founders were in drafting the Constitution recognizing the frailties of human nature and the tendencies of unchecked government to grow ever more controlling and intrusive. What is happening now is exactly the thing they were trying to prevent when they drafted the document intended to limit the Federal government. Hopefully we can stop this trend before it is too late. What is going to happen once the government confiscates all of the rich people’s money and kills their incentive to work? What will all the beneficiaries of the government programs do when all of that money is spent and the golden goose is dead?

    • jdrourke said,

      Seems like you and I agree more than don’t. I do strongly feel that some regulation is a very good thing; just enough to keep monopolizations from happening, as well as situations like what happened with Bear-Stearns. That said, I am fully supportive of any and all business owners who seek to both make money and help maintain the community they are a part of. Please keep checking in and sounding off. -jd

  8. Tony Maxwell said,

    jd needn’t have gone any further after stating there was “nothing wrong with business in America when those businesses play by the rules and those running the businesses don’t lie, cheat, and steal…”

    Playing by the rules is the only safeguard that made the difference between the success or inevitable failure of American Capitalism – I don’t want or deserve a penny from the rich man who made his fortune honestly, which is kind of a requirement if you want to adhere to the system.

    Apparently, that point wasn’t made in my original post, so I’ll correct that now:

    “once the Middle Class is eliminated, they will have no more enemies to contradict — (addendum) nor any comparable resource to keep draining money from.”

    In the good ol’ days had a clearly defined limit that at least maintained the lower class’ barely-adequate station and the illusion that there was still a possibility that their meager quality of life might slightly improve with time. Even drug dealers know you can only take so much money from someone before there’s nothing left to take. What’s the point of being one of many winners when there’s no runner-up to maintain superiority over? That’s why nobody bothers fucking with the homeless- you can’t take something they don’t have.

    So how about owning up to your OWN “cluelessness” that only speeded up the financial collapse you’ll soon be suffering from right along with the middle class you’ve eliminated??

  9. Tony Maxwell said,

    I left out three words after “the good ol’ days”: “the rich bastards”.
    That should cover it.

    • jdrourke said,

      Yep, you pretty much nailed it outta the park, T.M.!!!

      Nicely done…

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