A Note to Those Who Choose to Swallow:

April 19, 2011 at 9:32 pm (Daily Headaches and Rage Inducers, Politics) (, , , , , , , , )

“And you can swallow… Or you can spit… You can throw it up… Or choke on it…”

U2  “Acrobat”


Dear Swallowers of the Bullshit,

As our country’s louder conservative mouthpieces continue to push certain fictitious statements, it’s becoming more and more evident that President Obama’s critics – both famous and anonymous – are willing to believe any / all lies they are told.  These smears and lies about our President, and liberals in general, will no longer be tolerated.

Time to dispel a few myths and set the record straight with hard facts.

1).  The financial mess our nation is currently in is President Obama’s fault…

No, it’s not.  President Obama is partly to blame, due to his choice in financial clowns like Timothy Geithner and Larry Summers.  But the economic meltdown has been brewing since Ronald Reagan let Donald Regan lead him around our financial institutions by the short-hairs.  The irresponsibility (also known as deregulation) continued through Bush Sr., Clinton, Bush Lite, and now President Obama.  It isn’t unions, NPR, Planned Parenthood, George Clooney, or mid-western teachers who are to blame for our economic woes: it’s corporations who don’t pay their fair share of taxes, and companies who manipulate the housing market; and big banks that allow predatory lending; and our nation’s wealthiest rigging the financial game so that they remain on top while the rest of us back-slide into a quagmire of poverty and despair-reeking shit.  Oh, and it’s also the dickhead politicians on both sides who do their corporate master’s bidding (see Sen. Chris Dodd and Gov. Scott Walker for examples).

2).  The political lies and inflammatory rhetoric is on both sides equally…

No, it’s not.  Equating the statements between Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity with the statements of Rachel Maddow and Lawrence O’Donnell is utter crap.  Maddow and O’Donnell actually reference facts and use things like proof, whereas Limbaugh and Hannity use oxycontin and spoiled little bored pranksters like James O’Keefe.  The number of idealogues is far greater on the right than the left.  For every Keith Olbermann giving his opinion, there’s a Beck, Malkin, Bachmann, Palin, Grumpy, Dopey, and Sneezy on the other side.

3).  Conservatives  & Tea Party folk are more patriotic the Liberals…

No, they’re not.  Drinking piss-flavored beer like Coors Light and watching NASCAR in hopes of witnessing twenty cars pile on top of each other like some video clip from Tampa Bukkake.com doesn’t make you love America more than anyone else.  Patriotism isn’t only about words; it’s about actions.  Liberals from every state – plus Hawaii – serve their country through the armed forces, as well as volunteer to help fellow Americans from California to Maine and Minnesota to Texas.   Conservatives talk a big game, but Liberals do as much, if not more, of the “heavy lifting.”  Screaming in favor of the 2nd Amendment while you simultaneously write-off several other Amendments as “Liberal causes” doesn’t actually make you a scholar of our Constitution.  If you’re gonna claim to love America, then you have to love and help out more Americans than who are in your personal demographic.

Anyway, feel free to keep swallowing the bullshit you’re being fed – just remember you’re choosing to do it.  You’re saying yes, “I like to swallow…”

“We hold these truths to be self-evident…[but some of them are worth repeating for the truly ignorant fuckers in these, the (semi) United States of America].”   -The Declaration of Independence [kinda]

Very sincerely,


Facts, Truth, and Reality


  1. Tony said,

    HOookaaay, let’s see if I understand this so far: a new comment/response, posted by Laura, in answer to a six-month-old comment posted by some clueless, dim-witted, borderline illiterate tight-ass neoconservative antagonist who calls himself ‘Savage’, writing IN RESPONSE to an EIGHT-month-old ‘Memo’ written to that well-known dickweed Glenn Beck, himself an already anachronistic, has-been, loudmouthed, right-wing nut whose own network is currently trying to distance themselves from this guy’s stink, despite his nauseating show being one of their own most popular programs; and this subject/dialogue NOW inspires a NEW post, a valuable lesson in the consequences of swallowing, which has, in turn, brought this CURRENT discussion along with it — am I following this correctly??

    In any event, it is a pointless exercise and a total waste of time for any sane person to use up so many words on an individual as blatantly ignorant as this ‘Savage’ idiot. Unfortunately, it’s equally hard to resist ripping this ’Guy’ guy’s twisted opining in the drought of this lame TV night, so hell yeah, count me in!

    First off, ‘Guy’ (can I call you that, like I do anyone else who’s name is irrelevant?), I commend your civilized response to Laura- you know the one, that.. oh yeah, that “really nice lady/girl/woman/whatever,” as you described her- I guess the word ‘person’ wasn’t readily available, what with the necessity of your needing to maintain your narrow-minded misogynistic characteristics and all. Your “liberal friends” must be very tolerant people.

    Anyhoo, as you told “whatever” in your commentary: “My original post asked for constructive criticism” in answer to your question of “Why are y’all so focused on Glenn Beck.” That WAS a question, wasn’t it? You ended the sentence with a period instead of a question mark, so I’m not really sure. But it doesn’t make much sense if you intentionally used the ‘period’ punctuation instead of a question mark similar to the one used at the end of THIS sentence, does it ?

    But no, wait- you MUST have meant to use that period, since you’ve already established that you are “a conservative and we think things through, unlike liberals.” Please pardon my error, I must be using an outdated Grammar book.

    Of course, it’s that same enviable quality of ‘thinking things through’ that led to your brilliant and inevitable conclusion that “all those pages on the media matters page just show Beck’s inflammatory rhetoric.” Can’t argue with that. Y’know, it’s probably that same superhuman trait, exclusive solely to the “right,” that makes us “unethical liberals” incapable of being able to “look past Beck’s inflammatory rhetoric and tell (you) what he said that was wrong.” I’m sorry, Guy – you would think by now us liberals might have evolved enough to simply look past inflammatory rhetoric, like the republicans & Congressman Joe Wilson have been doing with such class and restraint all these years. We’ll just never learn, will we? GOD. DAMN. Us unethical liberals destroying your country through our ideology! Why are WE cursed with having ‘ideology‘?? It’s just not fair…

    Now I cannot totally agree with you on the statement, “Everything Obama has done is wrong for America.” That’s a bit of an exaggeration, don’t you think? But I can forgive your bias, and the perception of such, since we’ve had all these years of being used to Bush doing everything RIGHT for America. I don’t even want to think of the disasters that would have befallen our country if Bush hadn’t had the foresight to spend our entire national budget on some awesome wars that gave untold thousands of young people the opportunity to travel to exotic foreign lands and participate in wholesome, character-building group activities, before that insidious Obama could throw it all away on frivolous, naively ‘progressive’ pipe dreams like strengthening the economy, providing universal health care and education for undeserving lower classes, overhauling the Wall Street bail-out mess, strengthening
    immigration laws and the education system, peripheral shit like that.

    And like I don’t look stupid enough as it is, I further humiliate myself by disregarding the definitive statement you’ve already made that would shut down ANY argument, from ANY non-republican, before it even started: “You can not argue with me, you have no defense.” DAMN you and your pristine logic!

    Mr. Guy, when you go to sleep tonight, you thank your Higher Power for the enlightenment you’ve been blessed with; be thankful for the freedom to strive for, and achieve, perfection in your unique and fascinating game of “throwing mud at a pile of sh_t.” I wasn’t aware of the existence of this “fun” ritual, but that’s hardly surprising, since liberals, by definition, can’t afford expensive, conservative activities like playing golf, or tennis, or insider trading & foreclosures. I’ll bet I’d look like a fool trying to properly throw that mud at the shit-pile – I won’t tarnish the tradition, and will leave that for rich, right-thinking republicans like you, who can maintain the dignity of the game.

    Okay, off to lick my wounds…

  2. LostVegasDave said,

    You nailed it, my friend. It is also important to remember how the righties like to scream about the evils of big government and such, but when things like disasters hit – be it fires or tornados – they have their hands held out immediately.

    Take Rick Perry of TX for example. Guy talks about leaving the union and all this anti-Obama garbage and now he needs help for his state with these wildfires.


  3. william said,

    piss flavored beer – awesome, keep up the good fight and don’t be a BLP. http://youtu.be/sg4QejFDGwM

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