To Those Resisting Raising the Debt Ceiling (again),

July 23, 2011 at 8:52 pm (Daily Headaches and Rage Inducers, Politics) (, , , , , , , , , , )

Dear John Boehner (R-OH), Eric Cantor (R-VA), and Mitch McConnell (R-KY),

Stop it.  Just stop it now!  The three of you are suddenly likening raising the debt ceiling to digging up Ronald Reagan (who raised it 17 times, btw) and dancing on his old bones.

You three nancy-pants need to end all the theatrics and political posturing and help ensure that the United States of America does not default on its loans.  You and your cunservative buds would rather manufacture a crisis to make the Dems look bad than protect this nation’s financial status with those it owes money to.  Have you ever seen China mad?  It ain’t pretty – trust us, we’ve been members of Amnesty International since McConnell was in diapers (the ones for babies, not those adult thingies he now has).

Anyway, relax!  You can handle this task.  The trio of you approved to have the debt ceiling raised seven times for George W. Bush during his eight years damaging the country.

Yes, that’s right.  Seven Times for Bush Lite, and you didn’t even have any conditions for him to do it: unlike the demands you have for the current black democrat in the White House…

And if that weren’t enough for you whiners to concede on this and move toward actually working for the country, consider the fact that since 1962, Congress has raised the debt ceiling seventy-five times!

75 times.  That’s a lot.

75 times is more times than John Boehner has been drunk this year (give or take a few).  It’s also more times than rounds of golf he’s played in the last several months (again, give or take a few).

75 times is more than the number of chins Mitch McConnell has just above that turkey neck he’s been sporting for a while.  It’s also more times than he publicly defended the Bush / Cheney policies during Bush’s 2nd term.

75 times is more times than we can point out Eric Cantor’s hypocritical stances on everything from adultery to political opinions.  It was pretty close, but Cantor was just a few shy of 75…

So you see, raising the debt ceiling once more to save our country from default isn’t that hard to do.  You’ve all had plenty of practice in the past.  We get that you’re not comfortable putting the country ahead of your own political needs, but give it a try anyway.

Trust us, come next election, you’ll be glad you did.



Captain Obvious & Common Sense



  1. Nick Rebori said,

    74 is equal to the maximum number of terms McConnell can serve with his tortoise life span.

  2. Ania said,

    Dear Common Sense,

    Thank you for putting this ugly situation into perspective. What’s it going to take to knock some of you into these effing power-hungry, megalomaniacal pinheads, eh?! Having spent many years on Capitol Hill, I know the PHMP syndrome well. It made me extremely cynical about the whole political process, but lately, even I despair…

    With a big sigh,


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