Dear George Zimmerman,

March 25, 2012 at 5:26 pm (Daily Headaches and Rage Inducers, Politics) (, , , )

Hey George Zimmerman,

Clearly, you’re going through a pretty crazy time in your life, right now;  we hope you’re getting enough sleep.  We figure it’s tough finding peace and rest when you’re guilty of shooting a young man – Trayvon Martin – to death.

Look, as we see all these political and spiritual “leaders” step forward and add their two-cents for reasons both self-serving and kind, we just want to say that there’s no real way to ever truly know if your killing of Trayvon Martin was based in part due to possible racist tendencies within you.

We can listen to moronic talking-heads on the TV and radio endlessly debate if racism is why this happened.  But when you bottom line this tragedy – and we mean really, really strip it down to what is honestly known and can be proven – well, whether you are racist or not almost doesn’t matter.  Because your other character traits are equally, if not more, disturbing than if you are a racist.

See, George – you like to carry a gun and you wanted to be a cop, but couldn’t join the force for whatever “personal” reasons… And that Makes You both Dangerous and Insecure.

And George – you were advised by actual law-enforcement people to not follow Trayvon Martin that night and yet you chose to anyway… And that Makes You both Unwise and Bloodthirsty.

And of course, George – you never saw Trayvon pull a weapon, given that the skinny teen-aged boy was “armed” only with iced-tea and Skittles… which Makes You Trigger Happy and a Genuine Coward.

And finally, George – as your fatal shooting of Trayvon Martin becomes a national story, and as Trayvon’s mother and father grieve for their dead child, you hide out and lawyer up, rather than dealing with this situation head on, like a man.  No wonder you needed a gun, George.  You do spook easily…

So please, Zim, try and get some rest.  It’s been a very stressful time for you and for your friends and family.  We know you are the one who’s suffering.  We know that if only 17-year-old Trayvon Martin hadn’t been shopping, walking, and wearing clothing – heck if Trayvon hadn’t been alive in the first place – you wouldn’t have had to murder him.

With deep sympathy,


JD Rourke & Friends


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  2. Akanyang Merementsi said,

    Brilliantly written.

  3. N.M. said,

    Good try Jimmy… whose paying you? Hollywood ambitions have you? Zimmerman was told to go back to his car by police and he did so… On the way back according to eyewitness, Martin apparantly saw it as a weakness and attacked Zimmerman from the back. The eyewitness testimony is in the hands of the grand Jury now. Shame on you for discounting hard evidence becaiuse you wanna look like some kind of black apathy advocate and PC police. Sorry the story doesn;t end like you like, just another black kid dissing an armed authoritive figure and trying to be a b.a., and getting his a. shot for it. see it every day.. If Zimmerman had been black, nothing would be said..

    • JD Rourke said,

      First off, when you’re typing you should lift up your hood as it is clearly blocking the keys.

      Secondly, I don’t give a damn what color Trayvon Martin was; he was an unarmed young man who had not committed a crime and was still shot and killed by a citizen.

      You described George Zimmerman as an “authority” figure, so tell us why Zimmerman is an authority figure? He has no more right than you or me to demand where another American is going!

      You claim Trayvon Martin attacked Zimmerman from behind, based on an eyewitness account. Why would a skinny kid go after a gun-totting adult? Why not just hide out? And how weak is George Zimmerman if this kid could jump him?

      Sorry, your prejudice outweighs your logic.

      • trueseeker said,

        Martin was comitting a crime….battery on Zimmerman …witness statements reveal that Martin was on top of Zimmerman beating him in the face when he was shot ….Zimmerman had a broken nose and a gash on the back of his head….Oh and Zimmerman would be a fool not to retain a lawyer with the misinformation and blood lust that is being stired by you and others …you do realize that Zimmerman is hispanic right???
        innocent until proven guilty in a court of law …right
        Logic and facts would be a refreshing change here

      • JD Rourke said,

        So if I followed you in the dark and had a gun and you had no weapon, you wouldn’t protect yourself? Huh. As for claiming to know the facts, you’re already wrong. Zimmerman is not Hispanic as you wrote. The man is part Peruvian and if you feel they are the same, then you’re already as prejudice as George Zimmerman was likely to have been with Trayvon Martin. If you want to pretend to have facts, it’s best they are correct. Take care and use that energy for good…

    • Reyn said,

      The only eye witness I’ve heard of that alleges anything like that won’t give his name — and probably won’t testify to the Grand Jury. Other eye witnesses — well — they seem to have seen Zimmerman standing over Trayvon.

      So, you weigh 140 and are a teenage boy and a huge hulking 250 pound man walks up to you and demands to know why you are there – on that sidewalk. Scared much? I would have been, my son would be now.

      I don’t believe that Trayvon jumped George Zimmerman from the back. The ear witness and Zimmerman’s own 911 tape suggests that Zimmerman probably pushed Trayvon. Did Trayvon fight back at that time, probably out of terror? Probably yes. My son would have.

      I’ve heard the tapes, all of them. If it was Zimmerman screaming for help and then pleading, he was awful good at stopping in mid word as his bullet ended the boy’s life. I think voice analysis software will determine that it was not Zimmerman, that it was Trayvon begging there, and dying, in the rain, alone, afraid, helpless.

      I did not expect that this would be political. I thought it seemed pretty self-evident. I am amazed at the number of Conservatives that have come out in support of the murder of a child. I think I need to be paying more attention to the Democrats and less to the media. Apparently racism and sexism are both alive in the US – when I thought both were mostly dead if not all dead — and apparently they control one of our two big political parties — which is kind of startling. This year both isms are on display, just in time for an election.

      It’s sad that it should matter what side you are on though. A kid is dead, DEAD. It isn’t a video game. He isn’t going to come back. He isn’t going to smile again. He isn’t going to talk to his friends or play a game with them, or watch TV or have his big prom date or be loved by, or love his little brother who he went to get the Skittles to share with. He’s DEAD, and you want to parse whether or not he fought back when someone accosted him?

      You say that if Zimmerman was Black this would be forgotten. I say that if Trayvon was White, the color or lack thereof that I am, Zimmerman would have been in prison for a month now.

      Justice for Trayvon Martin.

      • Anthony said,

        Well said!

    • Devil in the details said,

      911 told Zimmerman not to leave his car. Zimmerman told police at the station that he left his car to “check street signs”. Zimmerman is no authority figure. I wonder how he even has a gun as he likes to beat up on cops (2005) retracted verdict and threaten his girlfriends ( FOIA Florida ) with killing them.

    • JustStop said,

      Are you crazy? You made up so many facts there that it’s not even worth disputing. But you really showed your true colors when you said Zimmer was an “authoritive figure”. I think you meant authority and in fact he was not.

    • MS White said,

      If it had been an unarmed white kid who had been shot (and killed), George would have been roughed up by the police before he was thrown in the slammer. His so called self-defence would have had to be proven during a trial. And for the record, George was in his car when he first called police. He had no business leaving his car when the police told him not to pursue the “suspicious” black kid.

  4. trueseeker said,

    Hispanic means per Websters 1, relating to people descended from Spanish or Latin American people or their culture 2,relating to Spanish-speaking people or their culture speaking the spanish lang… I believe Peru falls into both those definitions…
    If you were following me in the dark with a gun I would have run as fast and as far as I could…reports are that Martin was an athlete Zimmerman sound winded on the police recording just getting out of his truck…
    as for the racist card you love to play… Zimmerman told the police dispatcher that he did not know if Martin was black or hispanic just that he was acting suspect.
    Do I believe that Zimmerman should have followed Martin after being told not to by police dispatch NO …do I believe Zimmerman should have been arrested YES …in the state I live he would have been do I believe the law in Fla is right NO …but it is the law and Zimmerman did not violate it
    you may want to hire a fact checker or would the facts get in the way of whats really important

    Ok…the eye witness did give his name …to the police. not to the media …as the chief of police family got a death threat I understand why this witness is not forcoming
    Zimmerman is not a hulking 250 …he under 6ft 200lbs and out of shape

    Zimmerman really didnt need to shout for help anymore after he shot Martin

    Zimmerman’s 911 tape??? Zimmerman called the non-emergecy number of the police….Martins girlfriend stated Martin told her someone was following him…she went on to say that she hear Martin ask Zimmerman “why are you following me” no metion of a gun at that point …she stated that she hear a male voice ask “what are you doing in this neighborhood” she stated that an argument insued and then the phone hung up…
    I never said anything about Zimmerman being black

    • JD Rourke said,

      Well, you seem hell-bent on not allowing facts to sway you from your prejudice toward the kid who was killed. By prejudice, I’m not talking skin color, but rather based on your words you seem to have no problem with Zimmerman shooting this kid, as though Trayvon Martin was wrong for being where he was. Zimmerman had zero authority to pursue Martin and, once again for you, went against what the 911 dispatch operator advised him to do (or in this case, not to do). You can write whatever allows you to sleep soundly, but every single thing written in the “letter” to George Zimmerman is based on confirmed facts – either by police or the dispatcher.

      Personally, I couldn’t care less the color of either person involved. Martin’s actions were the wrong ones, and now a teen-aged boy is dead.

      And just for fun, you should visit South America (that’s where Peru is). Explain to a couple of Peruvian men how, according to Webster’s Dictionary, there’s really no difference between them and Salvadorians or Argentinians.

      • Logi said,

        sorry jd – peru is latin america (americans talking world geography is fun)

        where i am from zimmermann (funny how someone with a german name is from latin america. if he where from paraquay his ancestors could be firends of alfredo strößner (are you sure he is from peru). anyway, he shot an unarmed kid after being told to care for his own biz. simply he needs to be fried for that (no eletrocution intended). where i’m and normally all zimmermanns are from he would have been jailed for playing cop (with or without a gun).

  5. m fagan said,

    Well said, Mr. Rourke.

  6. trueseeker said,

    Thanks….. spent 8 months there working for our govt ,,,the Peruvian men I met seem to be more concerned with scraping out a meger living to feed their families and not getting gunned down in the streets…not my idea of fun
    I believe in the law… if the prejudice then so be it …why arent you writing letters to the fool who drafted this law or an open letter to the voters in Fla but that wouldnt get you noticed now would it

    • Devil in the details said,

      A letter to the Republican lawmaker who wrote this law would not work as that same Republican has already stated that his law does not apply in this case. Maybe the State of Florida and Sanford Police needs to contact the person who wrote the law as they seem to think it applies.

  7. RK said,

    I love you keyboard judge and jurys, speculate all you want, Zimmermen walks and thousands of clueless sheep look like fools!

    • JD Rourke said,

      You’re 100% right about the sheep; those clowns being the people who have no problem with what Zimmerman did.

    • Daruka Malone said,

      He will be dead meat within a month after he walks. Contract is out.

  8. Robert Paulsen said,

    You don’t need Bob Dylan to know which way the wind blows. JD, you made a valiant attempt to approach this sordid chapter of our social history from every other perspective besides the racial narrative, but Goddess forbid the Krazy Keyboard Kops let you get away with a moment of clarity.

    So allow me to further muddy the discourse by stating that this whole phony debate about the ethnicity of the murderer is really as clear as the name printed on his bullshit authority uniform: HE’S FUCKING JEWISH! THAT’S why he’s hovering around Cheney’s undisclosed bunker and that’s why he’s lawyering up: because if there’s one thing Southern good ol’ boys love more than slicing and dicing “coon” livers, it’s hanging Heebs high from the hickory tree! Google Leo Frank if you think I’m just whistlin’ Dixie. Shit, if I was in his position, I’d be highlighting my 50 percent Transylvanian racial heritage threatening to go full vampire on all hoodie-wearin’ muthafuckas. Then again, I doubt I’d ever be in his position because I’m wise, unbloodthirsty, un-triggerhappy, uncowardly, and I don’t spook easily. But I am a total racist. So shoot me. And take all this blathering seriously at your own risk.

    • Logi said,

      funny you say that – bob dylan’s real name is allen ZIMMERMAN

  9. Devout Player Hater said,

    There is another important piece of detail that pertains to the 911-call that should be analyzed. Specifically, I have listened to Zimmerman’s February 26, 2012 911-call, and it is clear that while the Dispatcher was trying to ask Zimmerman what address he was parked in front of, you can hear, starting at time 3:18 on the 911-call, Zimmerman saying, either to the dispatcher or to somebody, that “he’s running down that street”; apparently referring to Trayvon Martin. Those statements mean that Zimmerman was still pursuing Martin just before getting off of the phone with the Dispatcher. It could also be possible that Zimmerman was with someone else at the time he shot Martin.

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