Dear Victims of the Aurora, Colorado Theatre Shooting:

July 22, 2012 at 5:03 pm (Uncategorized)

To Those Fellow Americans Who Died Friday Morning,

We just want you to know – as trite as this gesture may be – that you are in our thoughts and in our prayers.  Other than this very sentence, there will be no talk of the coward who took your lives; as this post is meant to focus solely on you.

The 12 of you represent what is right about the American spirit, and the human condition in general.  You 12 wanted to see a movie, and you wanted to do it in fun, grand style.  Obviously excited enough to see The Dark Knight Rises, you chose to go to the Midnight showing, that way you could be the first to experience it, and to be able to say to family and friends how much you liked it, or loved it, or were disappointed by it.  You decided the late hour and lack of sleep were not as important as going out for a communal effort to have a great night and to be among the first to experience something you were greatly anticipating.

In America, despite our differences and our polarizing feelings about politics and religion and various other things, movies can still bring us together – and you 12 knew that and joyously added to that long time tradition.

Silly as it may seem, the 12 of you – along with the other movie-goers that night – represent something good and something extremely important within the human condition: the ability and desire to congregate and share in experience; be it dramatic, sad, scary, funny, intense, exciting, or inspirational.

You were taken far too soon, but none of you will truly die.  You have family, friends – and now strangers – who will think of you and remember that despite the occasional horror of reality, or attack on our collective conscious of what is good and just, we will continue to come together to participate in experiences together; be they for church, sport, concerts, school productions, or movies.

Neither evil nor fear gets to beat down our desire and love of being together to share in new experiences, and we are grateful to you for reminding us of that.

With love,


JD Rourke


  1. St.Tracy said,

    wonderfully done.

  2. ladyblug said,

    I second what St. Tracy said, said.

  3. Logi said,

    what would be interesting was a comment from l. neil smith – a native of aurora, who replaced in his nac series denver, co with the twin cities aurora-st. paul (not exactly sure whether that’s the right saint, though) – of course that’s a libertarian society where everyone dresses like the duke (gun-wise, that is).

  4. Milli Denney said,

    JD, straight from the heart my friend. Thank you.

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