Dearest Haters of President Obama:

August 29, 2012 at 5:57 pm (Daily Headaches and Rage Inducers, Politics) (, , , , )

Dear Obama Haters,

We get it – you folks don’t like the 44th President of the United States.  That’s cool.  You have a right to your feelings and your opinions.

But here’s what’s really troubling about your feelings and opinions… You hated Barack Obama before he ever set foot in the White House.  He won the 2008 election fair and square (without the help of the Supreme Court) and entered the office with an open mind and a real desire to work with both sides of the political aisle.

Yet Conservatives loathed him immediately.  KY Republican Senator Mitch McConnell said to the world that the GOP’s main priority was to make sure that President Obama was a one-term guy.  Mitch McConnell, Repub Eric Cantor and Speaker/drinker John Boehner didn’t say, “Hey, let’s repair our economy and put the American people first.”  They didn’t say, “Let’s continue to battle terrorism together wherever it may pose a risk to Americans.”  They said we’re going to oppose President Obama on everything and blame him for everything, and get him the fuck outta the White House by the end of 2012, even if it means the country will stall and suffer for it.

And suddenly The Tea Party rose up out of the under-educated ashes and proclaimed that “debt was the real enemy of freedom,” even though for the eight years before that George W. Bush spent and borrowed like a junkie gambler for a war in Iraq that no one outside of his inner circle and over at Halliburton and the DOD wanted.  Suddenly, Tea Partiers were screaming about spending and debt like it was knocking down buildings in downtown Manhattan, and they were blaming President Obama within his first year for the entire economic mess (even though the bank failures and bailouts occurred in Sept 08).

And let’s not forget the “Dixie Chicks” incident, where saying they were “ashamed” of George Bush earned those three women legions of folks trashing them and calling them unpatriotic and anti-American, and even garnered them death threats.  Yet between 2009 and 2012, President Obama’s been called a “Radical Muslim, Muslim, Socialist, Monkey, Kenyan, Nigger, Dog-Eater, the Most Radical President Ever, the Most Divisive President Ever, the Food-Stamp President, the Welfare President, the Apologist,” and a slew of other derogatory comments that make what the Dixie Chicks said seem complimentary.  And all these comments receive a day or two in the news-cycle and then are pushed aside for the latest on Kim Kardashian’s newest thong purchase.

Is your innate hatred of President Obama so great that it eclipses your love of country and what the Office of the President represents?

From September 12th, 2001 to January 19th, 2009, the Republican party never, ever shut up about terrorism and the unyielding threat of terrorists.  But within three months of Obama taking the White House, the haters decided that they’d better change the conversation to the economy.  And when President Obama did green-light the successful mission to kill bin Laden, conservatives have tried to belittle Obama’s role in that awesome moment.  The very same people who claim Reagan ended Communism in Russia and who touted Bush’s capture of Saddam Hussein now want Americans to not give President Obama some credit for nailing bin Laden.  Please fuck off now!!!

You can hate on President Obama all you need to, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that he’s a good family man.  It doesn’t take away from him overseeing the end of DADT. Your hatred doesn’t twist the truth of Obama signing off on bin Laden’s dirt nap.  It doesn’t take away from his signing of the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act; where women cannot be unfairly paid less than men in the workplace.  Your bile-filled words cannot diminish President Obama’s successful efforts to keep the American Auto Industry alive (which is now growing stronger every day).  And your vitriol cannot crush President Obama’s desire that all Americans have the fundamental right to decent health care.

If you really want to vote for a man (Mitt Romney) who was born into vast wealth and sent thousands of American jobs overseas, as well as someone who – for the first time in our nation’s history – has said the American people don’t have a right to see what he’s done with his money, well that’s your business.

But your days of taking giant, vocal dumps on our current President are over.  Like President Obama or not, he is our nation’s leader for now.  And when you flat out lie about him and call him things that he isn’t, you disgrace what our Republic stands for.  And that makes you no better than a terrorist standing in another part of the world shouting down America and stamping on her flag.

End your hypocrisy and get your shit together,


JD Rourke


  1. ladyblug said,

    You forgot to mention that the only way the “haters” can win is to lie, steal, and cheat! What a noble party!

    • JD Rourke said,

      Great point, ladyblug! Things like voter suppression in swing states goes against everything our Founding Fathers stood for.

  2. Ania said,

    I take it your question, “Is your innate hatred of President Obama so great that it eclipses your love of country and what the Office of the President represents?”, is sarcastic/rhetorical, since these f*ckers have made it clear they have no love of country! Love of self, yes. Love of party, yes. Love of power, yes indeed! They’re so busy being fat-cat politicians and friends of fat-cat lobbyists, they’ve forgotten they were elected to be LEGISLATORS. (Look it up in the dictionary, Republicans, or go back to high school and re-take Civics 101. Please.)

    As an American and as a woman, the current crop of Republicans (and, to be fair, a great number of Democrats) scare the shit out of me.

    But you keep on ranting, JD. You give me hope.

    • JD Rourke said,

      Thanks very much, Ania! Hang tough and make sure come November that you get everyone to vote, vote, vote.

  3. St. Tracy said,

    This rant needs to be printed a million times and placed in every delegate seat in Tampa… or better yet, dropped from a helicopter all over the fly-over states…

  4. Glen Derick said,

    Wow…my thoughts…wish it was in every news paper and Mag in the country…the one word left out haters yes, BIGOTS also.

  5. Clint Rowan said,

    yeah I could write a book on how this can carry about as much weight as a wet paper bag. But do laugh at the fact that they say Romney was born into riches. That just means they dont know the real story. Once he did get his inheretence he gave it away to charity. But I do agree on one thing. Obama did say YES when asked if they could take Ben Laden…thats all he did though was just answer the call. And blaming the republicans from day one of his term is a real knee slapper. Obama had a philibuster free totally democratic ran house and senate and got everything passed he wanted to so how can they say the republicans stopped him from day one? And on the auto industry they must not know that we lost 24 billion of our tax dollars that we will never see again and GM is still going to have to file bankruptcy. Any democrat can try and say something Obama has done for america that is good and I can shoot that down faster then a military armed force sniper.

    • Matt Begley said,

      Your selective memory must serve you well at the Klan meetings. Republicans and their corporate masters are why this nation is in the situation it’s in. If you deny that you deny reality.

    • Joanne said,

      Clint, Romney was born in Michigan and raised in Bloomfield Hills, at the time the 4th Richest neighborhood in the entire US. He lived a few blocks from us as children and if you really believe what you have written, you have been sorely duped. He did NOT give his inheritance away, bold faced lie. He did not live in a small Apartment, he did not live in his sons basement, he used the address to illegally vote. He was a very nasty and uppity young kid and even worse as a teenager. Obama NEVER had a fillibuster proof house and senate, look it up, facts are facts; he never had the 60+ advantage to be fillibuster proof. The GOP has set a record for fillibusters in the first two years of Obama’s Presidency. The day he was sowrn in, the GOP had their meeting and agreed to sink the economy if that is what it would take to make sure this black man was a one term president… Try research, it will make YOU look so much more intelligent.

  6. Colleen Smith said,

    Thank you for saying it so well. I’m tired of the naysayers and liars too. They can vote how they please and protest political issues all they want, but the name calling and threats of violence directed at our country’s top leader is too far over the top.

  7. warrenproject said,

    Wow Clint… How can you lie like that? R/money not born into riches and he gave it away? Even his or one of his wives annie said they lived off the interest of his wealth. What charity did he give his riches too? ‘All’ st reagan did was give a silly speech but you guys give him credit for stopping WW2. Let’s get the history correct and not ‘right’ okay? When President Obama took office, Al Franken was NOT put in as Senator until September. Ted Kennedy dies shortly after. Scott Brown was selected and put in his seat in early 2010. So your LIE about a ‘filibuster’ proof congress is just more pissing in the wind. In fact, there were MORE filibusters in Obama’s first 2 years than all the filibusters combined in the past 60 years. You either havent paid any attention or you are just another lying racist bigot who cant stand a ‘black’ man in ‘your’ white house. Unless of course hes shining your shoes or serving you dinner.

  8. Jo Ann Brown (@joy6625) said,

    Great article. As Ed Schultz says: “Let’s go to work.”

  9. lobsterlady2 said,

    I truly love this & hope Obama wins. I remember what Romney did to the people of MA in the 80’s, as I come from MA. Everything he said was all lies. And let’s not forget his wife. Seems funny a while ago she said she couldn’t accompany Romney for his political doings because the stress aggravated her ailment. Seems funny she can fly to England & go back & forth to the hotel she was staying at after watching her horse perform. That seems stressful to me, all that traveling. Well know what, I have an ailment & yes stress aggravates it. Know what I do, I deal with it. Without a horse. God help us if Romney wins. If people think it is bad now, just wait & see what happens if Romney wins.

  10. Obama Poster « Naive Politico said,

    […] Dearest Haters of President Obama: ( […]

  11. marc said,

    Mr. Rourke, I loved it. You said what I couldn’t. Thank you.

  12. Chris Kalika Blissett said,

    JD, Lovely, well said! Get out the vote.

  13. pbrower2a said,

    Thank God… and the common sense of the majority of voters in 26 states of the Union and DC… that Barack Obama won. Any President who achieved what he did as a white, conservative Republican would have won like Reagan in 1984.

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