Dear Ben Affleck,

October 15, 2012 at 5:32 pm (Entertainers / Entertainment) (, , , , , , )

Dear Ben Affleck,

What’s up, superstar?  Just saw your latest directorial effort, Argo, and we have to say, surprisingly enough…Great Effing Movie!

Seriously, tackling a subject matter as intense as the Iranian revolution and the American Hostage situation is no small feat.  We would’ve thought Spielberg or Spike Lee might have initially been better suited for it, but dang Ben – You the Film-making Man!!

Honestly, with The Town, and now Argo, we have to say you’re clearly making up for Jersey Girl and Gigli.

…And Daredevil.

…And Pearl Harbor.

…And Reindeer Games.

…And Surviving Christmas.

Okay, maybe not Pearl Harbor just yet.

But wowsers, Affleck!!!  Great job with this latest one, big man.

Avoid Michael Bay,


Finicky Movie-Goers


  1. Arianna said,

    Yeah, way to go, Ben! Thanks for continuing the whitewashing of America by casting yourself in the lead role of the most decorated man in the CIA – a Latino. Benicio Del Toro wasn’t available, dude? Whatevs.

    • JD Rourke said,

      Hey Arianna, thanks for sounding off. And for those who do not speak a foreign language, “whatevs” is Spanish for whatever…

  2. Arianna said,

    Castillian to exact!

  3. Arianna said,

    to BE exact. Sigh. Stupid Latinos need to learn to speak English!

  4. Emily Litella said,

    I LOVED this movie too! What wonderful performances and amazing scenes! I loved the shots of the cold frozen Minnesota landscape. And those quirky characters with those funny accents, oh how they cracked me up! And could you believe it when that Chief Gunderson caught that crazy psycho stuffing his crime partner in the wood chipper?

    Wait…did you say Argo? Never mind.

    • JD Rourke said,

      Very funny Emily Litella reference!!! Free elections / flea erections … Euthanasia / youth in Asia

  5. P-Frank said,

    I liked “Jersey Girl”.

    • JD Rourke said,

      Well, that makes you and Kevin Smith.
      But to be fair about it, I like some pretty questionable movies, myself…

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