Dear Flawed Americans, All 319 Million of US –

July 10, 2016 at 8:44 pm (Daily Headaches and Rage Inducers, Politics, Religion and other silliness)

Dear Flawed Americans (All 319 Million of US),

An extremely important reminder to ALL AMERICANS…

This is a country of 319 million strong.  Sometimes, we’re a country of 319 million weak.

If All Lives truly Matter in this nation, then We as a nation must work everyday to unite.

We have to see what is truth.  And the TRUTH is that we’re all flawed, scared, strong, loving, hopeful, desperate, flaky, reliable, angry, kind, greedy, and generous.

Black, White, Hispanic, Native American, Asian, etc. Cop, Vet, Teacher, Coach, Doctor, etc.

The only thing Human Beings are truly consistent at is Being Human (warts and all).

Most Police Officers want to do Good.  Most are not abusive, corrupt, murderous.  But both types do exist.

Most African-American People want to live well and be a constructive part of society. Most are not bad people.  But both types do exist – as with Asian, Hispanic, Whites, etc…

Most Immigrants come to the U.S. and do right by their new country, their new home. Most do not sneak in and manipulate things only for themselves.  But sure, both types do live here.

The “bad guys” in our country are the political leaders who won’t work together, who only seek to remain in power, rather than using their elected position to help all types of people.

The “bad guys” in our country are those who profit off dead Americans, or Americans in crisis, be they NRA/GOA leadership or corporate heads who put their bottom-line and shareholders ahead of individual lives.

The “bad guys” in our country are those who use a gun or bomb instead of their ability to learn, love, and work even harder for positive change.

The “bad guys” come though social media and televisions and push lies, propaganda, not caring how it may affect those who take it as gospel.

The “bad guys” in our society cannot win because they are outnumbered and they are ultimately weak.

And the “bad guys” look like all of us.  They are straight, gay, white, black, brown, young, old, wealthy, middle-class, poor, religious, atheists, athletic, well-educated, lazy, small-minded, living in cities, living in rural towns.

But so are the “good guys.”  Good Americans are the vast majority and look just like all of us, too.  And their actions must be seen, heard, shared, appreciated, respected, repeated.

The world is a fine place and worth the fighting for…”  Ernest Hemingway

Whatever frightens you, seek to better understand it.  Whatever angers you, work to let go of it.  Whatever makes you feel helpless, take action to relieve its grip.

We’re All Capable of Doing Good.  It simply requires strength.  You’ve got plenty of it in You.


Your fellow deeply-flawed American,


Eric Frost-Barnes





  1. St. Tracy said,


  2. Lex said,

    Amen, brother. You laid out the truth. We must all aspire to be more in touch with, to quote Abraham Lincoln, “the better angels of our nature.” You just gave some great advice on how to do it.

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