Thank You, Vin Scully…

September 24, 2016 at 4:57 pm (Entertainers / Entertainment, The Sporting Life)

Vin Scully… As American sports broadcasters go, we’ve had many fantastic ones, but no one has been as near-perfect as Mr. Vin Scully. His play-by-play, his knowledge, and his story-telling are wonders to behold.

Through his love of baseball, his communities, and life itself, Vin Scully has proven for 67 years that no matter what our differences are, we can absolutely come together when we want to for something that connects us emotionally.

Whether you love baseball or not almost doesn’t matter. Here is a man who has spent decades doing exactly what he loves and doing it as well as anyone ever has. Scully is, literally, The Best.  The Dodgers organization would not be half of what it is without him.

And our nation and the sport of baseball has been all the better for the years he gave us…



1 Comment

  1. Robert Paulsen said,

    The Dodgers, no, baseball itself will not be the same without him. He has touched fans like us so many times over the years, it was wonderful to see that we touched him too. There’s only one Vin.

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